Bethnal Green Vintage Fair

Every Sunday is important – it’s the greatest day of the week. I don’t go out, I don’t clean, I don’t cook – I just do nothing, in prepration for the upcoming workweek.

But I saw on the overground that there’s a vintage fair this weekend, and decided to tell a friend who loves all things vintage. Little did I know that the fair was on a Sunday and not a Saturday – and that’s how my masterplan of doing nothing went out the window.

The entrace fee was only £2 – which is highly unusual for London.

Arriving to the vintage fair was easy – a quick hop on the Overground to Whitechapel and then a 10 min walk to Bethnal Green – I could’ve taken the underground, but I was supposed to change twice, so I decided that walking would be quicker and easier.

Of course, once there, I was overwhelmed by the number of stalls available- everything was full to the brim, people were everywhere, there war probably thousands of items.

(Fun fact: my mom owns and uses a dinnerware set that is exactly like thelast blue plate on the left.)

But it was a wondrous place – you could find coats, bags, shoes, accessories, vinyls – you name it! And most of them were extremely affordable! Some necklaces and sunglasses were £8, some bags were £10. On the other hand, coats were £40! But they seemed to be excellent quality so I’m sure they were a great investment.

If you are looking for eyewear, the vintage fair is the place to be at.

But what I’m most happy about was my T-Rex bones necklace – I always wanted to buy one but all those I could find were over £50! But I managed to get this one for £10 – isn’t it cute?


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