Having one single passion is hard

I’m sure you all know the age-old question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up’? I never knew – I remember at one point answering ‘a vet’, but don’t we all go through that phase?

The first big and complicated decision I had to make was when, for secondary school (around the ages of 11-14), I had to decide if I wanted to take intensive Maths classes or English classes. I chose the latter, but I wasn’t sure.

Life became even harder when I had to go to high school (or whatever it’s called, the one you go to before university, from around 15 to 18 years old). I had to choose from three specialisations – would I go for Maths and Computing? Languages and History and Geography? Or Science? In my class, if you chose the languages one, you didn’t make it. The other 2 specialisations dealt with languages, history, geography as well, so why wouldn’t you pick something better for the future?

So, naturally, I chose Maths and Computing (with intensive English classes).

But I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in life, what I liked. I tried to figure out what was expected of me, so I tried to study Accounting. Long story short, that was a big mistake.

But I discovered the music industry soon after. And I was thrilled! After a few short, but bountiful years in the industry, I decided to get a degree in something I liked. So that’s when I moved to Birmingham to study Media and Communication (Event and Exhibition Industries) at Birmingham City University. But I was distraught when I realised that all my projects revolved around art exhibitions and not concerts! Through my own volition, though, as we were given free reign on what types of events we wanted to organise. As part of my final project, I organsied an art exhibition with Andreea on the ‘Dracula’ theme. It seemed clear that art exhibitions would be in my future.

However, fast forward to September 2016, when I moved to London and got a job in this wonderful city! If you’ve been around the blog, you might have seen that I am a  Marketing Assistant. I was happy that I had a job, happy that I got to live in London, one of the best capitals of the world, happy that I could see The Shard, the London Eye, Big Ben and St Paul’s from my kitchen. But I wasn’t working in events. Was I a failure?

I figure that no, as I love my line of work. I also discovered coding here, and I love that, too.
So why can’t someone have more passions in life? Why can’t I work in Marketing and do a small event on the side when I manage to save some money? And also learn coding? Why do we try to limit ourselves and put each other in a box?
So I’ll be more open from now on to try new things.


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