Friends in B’ham or Career in London?

Moving to London was difficult not only because I had to let go of the best city in the world, but because I had to put my career above love and friendship. When I first arrived in Birmingham I was sure that I’d be alone and I’d fly to Bucharest every month to see my friends. However, after only 2 weeks, I met the most amazing and loving people in the world. We started our friendship with a simple, awkward conversation that soon has been transformed into long nights and endless moments of happiness.

I feel that in these three years I lived happier moments than in my entire life, I traveled more than I ever imagined and I drank more than any rebel teenager. With these amazing people I discovered the purest happiness and madness. We traveled, cried, laughed, partied and lived as a big happy family. We were there for each other for everything: from assignments to parties, from the beginning until the end. My ‘supermen’ soon became my support and my whole life so the moment I had to hug them for the last time was the most devastating moment of my life. Moving to London did not only mean moving my clothes from one city to another, but breaking up with my soulmates. The drama does not even end here: one of these supermen became my ‘partner in crime’ after way too many months in the most terrible zone I have ever experienced: ‘friendzone’. Anyway, I cannot imagine how these three years of Uni would have looked like without my supermen and superwomen, without RGIS (the place we all worked at in the second year), Ring of Fire, Masshouse, Sirius, Queen’s Collage Chambers, Watermark (our apartments), Jungle and Propaganda.

Yet, 3 years ago I promised myself that nothing will be more important than my career so I am still trying to pursue that path. After all, if I manage to let go of my supermen for my career I really believe that nothing will ever stop me from achieving my goals.

P.S: I am dramatic. We still talk almost everyday, but I replaced the sleepless nights full of alcohol with sleepless nights full of job applications.



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