On the Road Again

Hello! Glad you could be here and follow our adventures!

This blog is managed by two people: Diana and Andreea. We just finished our undergraduate degree in Media & Communication (Events + PR) at Birmingham City University and now we’re ready for our next big adventure! We met here, in Birmingham, by pure chance, and now we want to experience London and all its Events and PR opportunities!

This place is a good way to record our ups and downs, success, failure, and everything in between! It’s also a good way to help anybody that wants to move to London.

However, take our advice with a grain of salt, as our circumstances can be different from yours. We are not UK citizens, but we’ve been living in the UK for the past three years. So we already know what to expect, we’re more used to prices here (even though London is more expensive than Birmingham, at least they’re closer than London and our home city), the people, shops, mannerisms, etc.

But feel free to ask us anything! About tickets, travelling, what we pack, what we wish we had packed, prices, getting lost, anything!


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