Don’t take Uber away

Uber has always been our thing. While we were studying in Birmingham, Uber was our best friend and our bank accounts’ worst enemy. I cannot even count how many times I lied to my mom to send me money for food only to get an Uber to have 5 more minutes of sleep. However, the distances…

TFL Oyster App

The Transport for London Oyster App is here – I didn’t know I needed one but I’m willing to give it a chance.


Bold colours, loud patterns, 80s vibe? The Camille Walala exhibition in London is all this and then some.

Take time to be a tourist in London

London is amazingly huge, with art and events that are constantly changing. You won’t have time to visit everything, but you can try. So put some time aside for sightseeing.

We finally made it!

We started this blog with a strong belief that every day we will drink our Starbucks (not coffee, but Starbucks) overlooking the Thames. But then life interfered and we discovered that this was just a sweet dream. However, we are not betraying our love. We just settled for a more economic, time efficient way of…

Bethnal Green Vintage Fair

Every Sunday is important – it’s the greatest day of the week. I don’t go out, I don’t clean, I don’t cook – I just do nothing, in prepration for the upcoming workweek. But I saw on the overground that there’s a vintage fair this weekend, and decided to tell a friend who loves all…